Magnus Gautestad

Assuming Leadership in the Revival of Beauty: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Magnus, the summit host, is on a mission to empower beauty facilitators in music, art, and architecture for a holistic classical revival in Western culture.

Through founding Composers for Beauty, co-founding Beauty and the Faith Holdings, and his work as a composer, Magnus hopes to empower a global, sustainable, and redemptive movement.

With a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Theology, 25 years experience as a musician, and 12 years as an entrepreneur, he is now implementing the master plan that has been several years in making.

Frederik Magle

The Road from Dropping out of Conservatory to Composing for the Queen of Denmark

Frederik Magle’s music has united some of Denmark’s biggest performing groups and celebrated some of the nation’s most significant milestones. As a musician, he has worked across genres and styles, represented his country at international competitions and forged an individual and distinctive path that remains unparalleled in Scandinavia. 

Born on the island of Falster, Magle was a child prodigy who was 8 when his music performed in public for the first time. He was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Music a year early, the only student approved to major in both organ and composition. Grateful but restless, he left after a year and a half, eager to get to work in both capacities. 

Magle’s relationship with the Denmark’s royal house was initiated with a work written to mark a visit by Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik to the composer’s hometown on Falster, Stubbekøbing.

In 2017, Magle was appointed to his first official organist position, at St Paul’s Church in Copenhagen, where he is employed as both performer (on organ and piano) and composer. He writes music for the church’s liturgical cycle and presents regular improvisations on liturgical tune and themes on both instruments.

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Dimitri Arnauts

Crossing artistic disciplines: The Whole is More than its Parts

Dimitri is a Belgian tonal composer (born in 1973), who has followed a self-taught path in music composition, poetry, and choral singing – and active professionally as a freelance composer since 2018.

Since 2001, he has written works of various sizes and settings, being mainly operas, incidental music, short film and animation film scores, concertos, symphonies and symphonic poems, suites, cantatas, psalms, oratorios, passion stories, masses, opera, and other vocal or instrumental works like art songs, chamber music suites, solo instrumental pieces, vocal improvisations, and theoretical/formal experiments with musical forms and settings.

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Marcus Paus

Beauty in Music

Marcus Nicolay Paus is a Norwegian composer and one of the most performed contemporary Scandinavian composers. As a classical contemporary composer he is noted as a representative of a reorientation toward tradition, tonality, and melody, and his works have been lauded by critics in Norway and abroad.

His work includes chamber music, choral works, solo works, concerts, orchestral works, operas, symphonies, and church music, as well as works for theatre, film, and television. Paus is regarded as “one of the most celebrated classical composers of Norway” and “the leading Norwegian composer of his generation”.

Bruno Newman

Crafting Beauty: Tradition, Innovation, and the Composer’s Journey

Associate Lecturer for Music, Chichester University -UK

Bruno Newman is a composer, orchestrator, arranger and conductor whose widely-praised writing has been described as both “fresh and powerful” and “intensely emotional”. His compositions encompass virtually every genre from large-scale orchestral works, vocal and choral settings to more intimate chamber and solo pieces.

In 2001 he founded London’s Resident Recording Studios where he has been producing and songwriting for over 17 years, working with international artists, bands, orchestras and choirs. As a multi-instrumentalist and composer, he has been credited for bringing exciting harmonies, innovative textures and a strong melodic interest to his arrangements, blurring the boundaries of electronic and classical in a compelling and original musical voice.

In addition to tutoring in Composition at The University of Chichester, Bruno also teaches harmony, music theory, composition and orchestration privately. He’s a member of the Association of British Choral Directors, the Ivors Academy and the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and is frequently in demand as a freelance music journalist and choral conductor

Boris Koller

Appreciating Kitsch:
Traditional Innovation

Boris Koller is an Austrian composer and nyckelharpa player who used to live in Vienna before moving to Sweden. 

Among his works is a large-scale opera. He is also a painter specializing in Scandinavian landscapes. 

He took the initiative for what became a series of exhibitions under the Name “Gegen-Stand“, “Kitschannuale“ and “Kitschbiennale“.

Paul Noble

What Beethoven can Teach us about Promotion!

“I have always had a desire to be a composer, a dream that took root during my teenage years when I developed a love for classical music and playing the violin. However, my musical journey did not seriously develop for many years, despite my role as a worship leader in church, where I played the piano, violin, guitar, and sang a few of my own worship songs. I even attended university to study Related Arts and Music, but I found the program frustrating as it emphasized writing music that I considered ugly and banal.

What I love about classical music are the melodies and the forms that allow for longer pieces. I have always been fascinated by sonata form.

In 2017, I picked up a copy of the famous book for artists called “The Artist’s Way.” In it, the author quotes a Bible verse discussing how God has created the works we are meant to do. This realization sparked my calling to create music that glorified God. I revisited a piece called “Winter” that I had written many years earlier, and from that point on, I couldn’t stop composing.

I am now proud to announce my eighth classical piano album, “Arise and Shine,” released this year.”

Sebastian Salvo

Storytelling in Paintings

Sebastián Salvo was born in Santiago de Chile. He started painting at a school directed by a spanish teacher, he studied classical drawing and painting for four years. Since 2009 he has been studying the works of the Old Masters, at the same time his work has been exhibited in different galleries. Between 2014 and 2015 he spent three months with Odd Nerdrum at his house in Norway. In the present, he is focused on painting and making clasess in his studio.

Bjørn Sverre Kristensen

Modernism – Apocalypse
or Travesty?

Born 1954. Norwegian composer, performer, and retired associate professor of music at Hamar University College, where he taught composition, arranging, music history, and global music.
He has composed music in different generes and formats, from chamber opera, via string quartets, orchestral music, film- and theatre music, music for art exhibitions, solo pieces for harp, guitar, church organ etc. He has also composed a range of choir works, both secular and church music. His music is published by seven different publishing houses around the globe. Leader of The Norwegian Council of Artists (1998 – 2001). He also is a folk musician and plays Norwegian folk drum, fiddle, hardanger fiddle, overtone flute, and jaws harp.

Carl Korsnes

A Classical Renaissance – How Do We Achieve It?

Korsnes is the chief editor for Sivilisasjonen, a journal that covers classical culture, philosophy and major societal issues. The journal is based on a humane worldview. Civilization is founded on the conviction that cultural values such as harmony, beauty and poetics are capable of turning people into better versions of themselves.

In June 2019, the journal Sivilisajonen was created online. In 2020, the first printed edition of Magasinet Sivilisajon was launched. In 2021, Civilization launched its own online gallery, the Pinakoteket, which conveys classical figuration and only takes 10 percent in commission.

The editors regularly take the initiative for competitions, theater productions, panel debates and lectures, with the aim of increasing commitment to classical culture and philosophy. The civilization is also a proud partner with TBS Gallery and The Cave of Apelles.

Civilization promotes independent and independent thinking. The editors strive to stand on their own two feet financially by being financed by private players, readers and advertising.

Sean Milijasevic

Aesthetic and(or) Ethic: Examination of Value in Creative Endeavour

Sean is an artist, composer, and music producer. He aims to push boundaries of contemporary classical music with ideas that incorporate both classical tradition and digital audio production. His approach is all about producing new experiences for the listener trough sonic landscapes that shift perspective and push towards a deeper sense of appreciation. Sean writes with a passion that comes from a profound place within and transcends into the material world through musical creation.

Born in turbulent times of the nineties, Sean grew in the midst of economic crises, wars, and sociopolitical turmoil. Raised by a single mother in a continually altering environment, he developed a unique view of the world which shaped him to be both brave and humane character. Tough life didn’t contribute much materialistically but instead gave him acumen and genuine insights into depths of human nature. This led to an increasing interest in art and music, which begun to manifest at an early age. As an early teen, he started playing drums, a few years later he added classical piano. Sean managed to provide lessons, instruments, and equipment for himself while also taking care of his education completely on his own. After his studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, he decided to commit to an artistic path in hopes of exploring the outer limits of his potential.

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