A free 3-day virtual event to help you get from under-appreciated to have your music played with orchestras

November 16-18 at 4-9 p.m. CET, for beautiful music composers!
(Recordings will be available for 24-hours for registrants)

Presented by Together For Beauty Marketplace

Watch the video below to learn how this FREE event will help you unleash your ability to have a wider audience be deeply touched by your music

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You know by now that making an impact as a classical inspired composer takes a whole lot more than learning music theory and modern production tools

You’re getting a lot of things right: You’re writing music and are searching for ways to develop toward your vision.

But so often after you pour your heart, mind, and soul into your work, you get discouraged. And if you’re being really honest… you sometimes wonder if it’s worth it.

It might be because of a disconnection with the listeners, neglect by church leadership, or ideological resistance from the modernist establishment.

 It might be one or more of these, or something similar, and if so it is not impossible that with just a few tweaks to your best music and the strategy of delivery, your level of impact can drastically change.

Maybe right now you find yourself...

Frustrated with infrequent breakthroughs (despite all the preparation and extra free work you put in to go the extra mile).

Tired of investing so much time only to see your music be met by superficial listening.

Tempted to compromise your musical integrity

There has got to be a better way! 

You dream about being a part of a movement recovering the beauty of music in an age of increased shallowness or dehumanizing ugliness

How would it feel to....

Generate thousands of new and awake listeners who become better through your music and art

Stop feeling insecure with a holistic strategy on how to unleash the full potential of your musical gifts and have it be gratefully received by the people you are called to reach

Build a sustainable legacy of music that will continue to have a transcending effect

Break through your influence plateau with a prevailing collaborative system that blows your previous results out of the water

All the while making relationships that understand you and encourage you

This is exactly what you’ll experience when you combine the power of collaborative support with holistic strategies



Scale the transformation of your music

Solidify your compositions

Set yourself up for facilitating meaningful beauty on a larger scale than you ever thought was possible!

Join us for the Beauty Composers Summit, and head into 2024 with a solid plan to transcend the influence of discouragement and start multiplying the beautiful fruits of your calling!

Meet Your host

Greetings, I’m Magnus

I’ve been passionate about beauty and concerned about the often flat and pointless fruit of modernism, especially since I had a personal crisis of meaning and purpose in my early twenties. Going from an atheistic radical upbringing at home and a pot-smoking rock band and skateboarding lifestyle outside it, to becoming a classical crossover composer and a follower of Jesus, I can testify to the transcendent power both beauty and faith can have to overcome the darkness that is such a real part of our human experience.

Having worked as an entrepreneur and music teacher for a decade to support my music career, I have been able to observe many sticking points that holds new composers back. I have realized that I am not alone when it comes to the feelings of isolation, lack of support, and big hurdles to overcome to get the music made and delivered as best as possible.

I kept on searching for new solutions for those who are classically inspired, and I started to see that there have been faithful leaders that actually have supported composers of new beautiful music, and composers that actually do succeed with, for the most part, tonal, beautiful and meaningful music.

And then I had an epiphany and thought: “What if we combined the wisdom from each of these classical musicians to systematically build a community and education opportunities that solves the most common sticking points for new promising composers?”

With so many that are able to get their beautiful music out there, I thought that we needed to stop reinventing the wheel separately and become better together. The dream of the platform and community I needed is now being manifested as Together for Beauty Events, Beauty Composers Academy, and opportunities connected to the Harmonia Classica contests.

Grab your ticket and join me and 14+ beauty composers for a one-of-a-kind event that will help us put the remaining puzzle pieces together needed for a holistic development strategy 

I can’t wait to see you there!

The beauty composers Summit was created with experienced composers in mind

You don’t need another summit teaching entry-level marketing tactics or general knowledge about music theory. And you definitely don’t have time to sit through many presentations to learn something you could have found with a quick Google search.

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event.

The Beauty Composers Summit was specifically created for intermediate to advanced composers like you.

Instead of covering the basics that you learned in your early days starting as a composer, this summit is about helping you build on the things that you’re already getting right.

Through short, action-packed presentations, interviews and engaging Q&As with our expert lineup of beauty strategists, complimented by network sessions for discussions, you’ll learn strategies for scaling the impact of your work.


When and Where

The Beauty Composers Summit will run from November 16-18 with a variety of presentations, interviews, interactive Q&A sessions, and small group discussions to choose from each day. This event is LIVE and entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Expert Sessions

Attend presentations and interviews from our lineup of 15 speakers with training on how to unleash your potensial as a composer. Your free ticket includes access to the LIVE sessions and 24-hour access to the recordings of each presentation, interview and Q&A session during the week of the summit.

Together for Beauty Community

You’ll also have access to our Marketplace Facebook community of beauty facilitators like you who are already hanging out and working on accelerating the revival by developing a new marketplace for beauty that creates alternatives to modernism! This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other attendees before, during and after the event!

Chances to Win

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit. Be sure to keep an eye out for your BINGO card and come hang out with us in the Facebook community for chances to win prices. This is not a normal bingo card, but you get to cross out each square after doing specific actions!

Upgrade for a VIP Experience!

After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the All Access Pass which includes ongoing access to both video and audio access of the sessions after the summit wraps up, Co-working Parties each evening of the summit, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more! You’ll get all the details (and a special offer) after grabbing your free ticket!

Meet the Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of speakers that you will get to learn from and interact with during the summit.

Day 1: Achieving total musical fittingness

We’ll start with a dive into the thinking and strategies of experienced composers on how to maximize the excellence of your music for your specific purpose and audience.

Frederik Magle

Storytelling in Music and the Necessity of Beauty

Rachel DeVore Fogarty

Writing for The Voice: Turning Poetry Into Music 

fredric kroll

Compassionate Music: Fitting Un-Escapist Music In a World Full of Suffering

Heather Savage

Composing Relationally: Making the Audience Feel What You Wanted Them to Feel

Dimitri Arnauts

Inspiration and Improvisation: The Fertile Link

Day 2: Getting your music out there

Most composers of beauty are facing a big challenge when it comes to finding a sustainable way to get their music played regularly, especially at the orchestral level. On the second day, we will see innovative ways of how new composers of beauty are getting their music recorded, into the concert halls, or out to the masses.


The Necessary Courage to Compose Tonal

Boris Koller

How To Get Around The Gatekeeper System

Magnus Gautestad

The Missional Classical Musician: Building Crossover Bridges

Jeff Leigh

Crossover – Reaching new ears

Panel Discussion

Bringing Music In and Out of The Churches

Day 3: creating multi-artistic experiences

In a day and age of busyness and lowered attention spans, artists will be served to come together in collaborative efforts to involve several musical genres and senses to captivate the listeners. On the last day of the event, you will discover how to accelerate your career and touch the listeners on a more profound level by using various art forms with your original music.

Dimitri Arnauts

Collaborating Across Art Forms: Art Song & Videography Allied With Painting or Poetry

Magnus Gautestad

New Beautiful Musical Art Exhibitions

Rachel Devore Fogarty

The Joy of Collaborations: Including Painters, Dancers, and Librettists with Your Music 

Sean Milijasevic

Literature as a Complementary Art for Artistic Music Creation and Appreciation

Jean-Christophe Rosaz

The Steps to Reunite Music and Visual Beauty

Pre-Party: Preventing Launch Burnout

Check out the incredible lineup of Classical Educators you’ll learn from at the Ideal ClassicalTeaching Summit!

Post-Summit Profits Workshop

The growth doesn’t need to stop once your summit does. Learn to leverage your momentum, email list, & connections once your summit is over in this live, actionable workshop.

Advanced Summit to Course Launch Training

Learn our 3-part framework to replace your slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit that will 3x your revenue and lead to your biggest launch yet.

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations and the opportunity to interact with the speakers and discuss the topics with other like-minded attendees, this is an event you do not want to miss. Click below to grab your free ticket and join us for the Beauty Composers Summit!

Recent comments on our partner podcast Beauty and the Faith

"Great discussion. Came back to it twice"

"Oh the feeling when you find like minded people!!! 🥹Thank you for this ❤ Felt less lonely to be me in this world…"

“This was brilliant! Refreshing and reassuring to hear the views discussed. My partner and I are classical artists and all the issues you raised of the modernist negativity and dismissal of beauty have all but destroyed our Classical art heritage in terms of being practiced today!”

YOU’RE READY TO SEE THE music scene and people being revived by beauty

It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel and finally get a clear actionable strategy of how to make a an impact and legacy of the best your musical gifting has to offer the world.

Grab your free ticket by clicking the link below and join us for the Beauty Composers Summit!


The Beauty Composers Summit is all about providing classical inspired composers within a mainly tonal tradition, and creative classical crossover composers, actionable strategies on how to multiply their impact to accelerate the revival of meaningful beauty. There are lots of summits and other resources out there about basic marketing or musical skills, but this summit will specifically cover the micro, meso, and macro strategies that show how to overcome the main sticking point classical composers have for getting their music played by orchestras. 

That requires innovative and collaborative ideas in areas as craft, production, creative promotion, and performance impact.

If you’re curious about how composers with artistic integrity manage to get their music out there and find fulfillment as composers, this is for you! We’ll be especially reaching out to those who got lots of finished or half finished work, but can not find a way to break through into a professional career. With that said, this is also for anyone who aspires to pursue composition, or other artists who wish you work together with composers and want to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of composers.

The main portion of the summit runs from November 16-18 2023. You’ll also be able to join our Facebook community which we will point you to as soon as you register, so you can join in right away!

So even though you’re not able to attend all of the sessions live, go ahead and grab your free ticket, and you’ll have the opportunity to either see the recordings within 24 hours or upgrade to the All Access Pass which included extended access.

Your free ticket includes 24-hour access to each of the presentations. If you need more time, you can always upgrade your ticket to the All Access Pass after registering, which will give you extended access to the presentations along with premium bonuses from our speakers and more!

To give both the speakers and the participants the best possible opportunity to connect and engage, and to make the presentations as inspiring as we can, we will have each session LIVE at this summit on Zoom.In addition, many of the speakers will be hanging out in our Facebook group with dedicated threads where you can connect with them and ask your questions as well if we for example didn’t get to your questions in the Q&A sessions

No. When you register, you’ll be added to the Together for Beauty email list so we can send you updates for the event and links to each day’s presentations. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to hear from us, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Most of the speakers will have free resources available that you can access by providing an email address, but the speakers will not get your email address unless you choose to give it to them specifically. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don’t have to worry about getting added to 15 email lists that you’re not interested in.

No. Because of the LIVE element of the event, recordings will be published as soon as they are processed and little time will be available to make captions or notes for you. With that said, there are apps you can use that will automatically transcribe for you.

If you still have questions, we encourage you to go ahead and sign up. Your questions will likely be answered during the event or in the Facebook community, which you’ll be able to join right away after grabbing your free ticket.

However, if you need to ask us a question before registering, feel free to send us an email at contact@togetherforbeauty.com.


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